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Checking in to the Savannah Bed and Breakfast Inn

Being the oldest city in Georgia, Savannah is by no means short on historical and beautifully old homes and buildings. Within the Historical District, the largest district of its type in the United States, there are endless options for unique and individual inn’s, bed and breakfasts, and hotels, many located within the brownstones or in preserved historic homes, lived in by Captains of the Civil War, and Southern Belles. The Savannah Bed & Breakfast Inn is housed within two brownstones and is draped in an abundance of so much charm and character and is located just across the street from one of Savannahs many beautiful squares.

One of the friendliest cities in America, the staff at Savannah Bed & Breakfast Inn are more than welcoming, and offer any help and advice that they can. Through the back there are numerous courtyards, shaded by overhanging branches, with love seats and coffee tables, flowers and plants, and two mischievous cats that lounge around all day like they kings they are. Upstairs you’ll find the breakfast room that is decorated with what could only be antiques. Here you’ll be served a thoroughly enjoyable breakfast each morning, along with both afternoon tea and cakes, and bedtime milk and cookies, be warned though, the cookies are absolutely delicious, you’ll be sneaking down all night to snack on them!

On the highest floors, off to both sides of the building the rooms, or better suites, await. Each has its own individual label, named after a significant aspect of Savannah and the city’s history, or simply after the best rooms of a home, like Library.

I was placed in the suite ‘Masters,’ and it was one of the loveliest rooms I have ever stayed in, with a sitting area and a bookcase stocked full of books from every genre, including a special treasure, that I was only too eager to dig my nose into again. I’m talking, of course, about Harry Potter. Having a Harry Potter book on hand was like my own extraordinary gift from the bed and breakfast. Across from the lounge area, a four-poster bed fit for a queen lye waiting for me to jump into at the first opportunity I had.

But one of my favourite things about this room was the balcony. With its own breakfast table, and two rocking chairs, I could have spent my entire stay in Savannah sitting out there and enjoying the view, breeze, and Harry Potter. However, if I hadn’t ventured outside I would have never had the chance to experience the beauty and pleasantness of Savannah.

A trip to the South is not complete without a visit to Savannah, and Savannah Bed & Breakfast Inn is without a doubt one of the most ideal accommodations, that I will happily return to the next time I am in the neighbourhood.

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