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Checking In @VDL Stanley

There are few hotels that stand out from the rest nowadays, with most focusing on beige tones with modern, high-end furnishings. While this is always a wonderful and lush experience, it is the unique and eccentric hotels that will be the ones that stick in your mind well after your visit. During my recent trip to Tasmania I had the pleasure of staying at one such hotel, @VDL Stanley. This accommodation truly went above and beyond when it comes to customer service, guaranteeing that all our needs were met before we even had to ask, and provided us with suggestions on what to see, do, and eat while in town. Beyond the excellent experience that the owners made sure we had, the aesthetic of the hotel was absolutely beautiful. Set in what is quite possibly Tasmania’s cutest town, and housed in a restored 1800’s warehouse, the owners have transformed it into a wonderfully finished hotel, merging the history of the building with modern touches.

After a long day of driving, pulling up in front of @VDL Stanley was the perfect escape at the end of the road. Sitting on the edge of Sawyers Bay and surrounded by lovely gardens, the hotel offers a perfect combination of a home away from home and luxurious accommodation. With sweets in the entrance and board games at the ready, @VDL provided all the necessities for a well-earned night in. Though before jumping into the seriously comfy bed, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to relax in a bubble bath with some House of Anvers chocolates that the hotel kindly left as a welcome gift.

With only three suites in the hotel, each room has a personal touch that really makes the accommodation special. The views over the water or of the iconic Nut of Stanley and the sound of birds chirping outside the window make it one of the most peaceful and serene locations you will find in all of Tasmania. There is a lot to love about Stanley, but @VDL might just be the number one thing that will draw you to this charming town.


Thank you so much to @VDL Stanley for welcoming me to their hotel and providing me with an amazing experience. I look forward to my next visit. 


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