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New York in the Fall

New York is a city like no other, one of a kind and unique, it is no surprise that it is one of the most visited cities in the world, and one of my personal all time favourite cities, especially during the fall.

With the changing colour of the leaves, the crisp autumn air, and all of the pumpkin and apple flavoured treats your stomach and mouth can desire, it is a truly beautiful time to visit the city. From the greying clouds to the bright blue skies, the weather during the autumn months can be very unpredictable, though luckily the big apple looks great in any lighting.

Being one of the few people in the world that actually enjoys winter and the colder months, I was hoping that during my visit to New York in early December, that it would snow, unfortunately I was instead graced with warm temperatures and no chance of snow! Though, I couldn’t be too upset when I was exploring the great concrete jungle.

While it has been named the concrete jungle for an understandable reason, New York still has a range of parks that offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of the daily traffic. Central Park, Washington Square Park, or to even go as far as the Botanical Gardens in either the Bronx or Brooklyn, offer an outstanding array of natural beauty, entirely different to the kind of cement beauty that New York is usually acknowledged for. The nature parks encompassed by this city, especially during the fall, transform into worlds of colour painted yellow, orange, and red, against the surrounding grey backdrop.

And what better way to enjoy the stunning mixed scenery of nature and skyscrapers, than to walk through the city, seeing everything that it has to offer during the fall. From way uptown on the outskirts of Central Park and the Upper East and West Sides, experience life as the rich and privileged do. Stroll through the Park, spend an hour or two wandering the Met, take in the shop fronts along 5th Ave, maybe you’ll even spot a rare sighting of Blair and Serena out shopping! As you start to head further downtown make sure to stop and venture to the top of either the Rockefeller Centre or the Empire State Building to catch a glimpse of the city from above. Making your way downtown consider taking a walk along the High Line, one of my favourite places to find some tranquility and people watch. At the end of the High Line lies one of my favourite areas of the city, especially during autumn, Greenwich. With most of the crowds further uptown towards Times Square and Broadway, Greenwich and the West Village are surprisingly calm. With fewer crowds and more tree-lined streets, this area is renowned for its bohemian and laid-back atmosphere, full of unique cafes, restaurants and stores. A personal favourite of mine is the Doughnut Project, an innovative cafe that experiments with inventive flavours that is sure to make anyone’s mouth water.

The Village showcases some of the most idyllic street buildings making it one of the most sought after neighbourhoods to live, and with NYU close by, the night life and art scene have become increasingly popular with tourists as well. However, if you’re after more of a peaceful afternoon head over to the Strand and spend a few hours exploring the endless amounts of books, relaxing into one of the comfy armchairs with your nose stuck in a book.

Leaving the West Side behind, bypass through Washington Square Park and enjoy the crispy fall foliage, before heading down to the east through Little Italy to enjoy a famous slice of New York pizza, or two.

Ending up way downtown take a stroll along the Brooklyn Bridge, stopping to take in the views of the Manhattan skyline behind you, even better if you can time it to view the sunset as well.

Obviously New York is a massive city that takes days and days to explore, so make sure to prioritise your adventures, but be sure to walk as much as you can, not only because it is in my opinion the best way to see the city, but it also helps you to work off all those delicious fall treats that are completely irresistible.

As the temperatures continue to drop and the leaves begin to fall, autumn in New York transforms into a magical land with a warmly contagious atmosphere, and the holiday spirit in high form. This is my absolute favourite time of the year to visit this city, but don’t take my word for it, go and see for yourself!



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