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A Painting Come to Life: Monet’s Garden

I have always been entranced by paintings and artworks, possibly because I am absolutely horrendous at anything art related so have come to appreciate the talent that goes into each piece, From Italian Renaissance paintings to Modern sculptures and prints I truely love to immerse myself into the works and try to understand the meaning behind each. Yet there is one artist, so renowned and famous that I adore above any other, whose artworks hold a very special place in my heart, that is of course Monet. So it was an incredible experience to get the opportunity to explore and get wonderfully lost in his garden that had been the setting of countless pieces of his.

Set in an idyllic location at the back of a narrow street that is bordered by sandstone buildings covered in ivy, Monet’s Garden awaits after first travelling through an underground passage which opens up onto the pond and the tranquil gardens that surround it. Complete with a wooden bridge covered in hanging flowers and rustic benches scattered around, you’ll have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re awake and not actually in one of Monet’s paintings.

With hundreds of different kinds of flowers around and the famous water lilies floating along the top of the pond it isn’t hard to see why Monet painted so many different versions of his Garden. Everywhere you look there is a flower, a bird, a sculpture, a tree that changes in the wind, and with each new season a fresh and intriguing garden appears different than the season before. With the sun glistening across the pond and the birds singing through the air this was definitely my idea of heaven.

The peacefulness that encompasses the garden is extraordinary, even when there are dozens of people walking amongst too. It is amazing how tranquil you can feel just sitting and enjoying what Monet created in and off the canvas. It is a beautiful place that really makes you appreciate nature and the serenity the mind and body can experience when allowing your senses to open up to your surroundings.

While the garden is so mesmerising that it is hard to leave, the house and rows of flowers and arches in front of it deserve some attention too. Monet’s home is the typical French countryside house that young girls dream of living in. With vintage furniture and original Monet paintings decorating the inside, it is simply the epitome of a charming French cottage. Of course, almost every window opens out and looks upon the wonderful garden in all of its glory.

Easily accessible from Paris, Monet’s Garden is located in the quaint town of Giverny in the Normandy region. Normandy is one of the most beautiful areas of France and it is only fitting that some of the most beautiful artworks were painting here (in my opinion at least). Closed over the winter make sure to stop by anytime between March and November to appreciate the extensive amount of work that Monet himself put in to make this garden as gorgeous as possible, and believe me that it can make even the most unartistic person, like myself, be inspired to set up an easel and attempt to replicate the scenery.

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