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Stepping onto the set of the Last Song

Have you ever watched a movie filmed in such a beautiful location and thought to yourself “I wonder if that place actually exists somewhere in the world?” While almost all of the movies shot nowadays are filmed in studios, there are those rare few that are still filmed on location, which I think obviously makes the film even more visually appealing and realistic. Many of those are coincidentally the film adaptions of Nicolas Sparks books, including The Notebook, Dear John, and The Last Song, all of which were filmed in the Southern States of America, or more specifically South Carolina and Georgia. Both states are so, so stunning and picturesque that it is no wonder that both books and movies are set here, yet there is one place that could well and truly trump over everywhere else on the beauty scale, and that is Tybee Island, Georgia.

Only a short 20-minute drive out of Savannah, the capital of Georgia, Tybee Island is like taking a literal step into The Last Song (a movie starring Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, that I would highly recommend, but make sure to have a box of tissues on hand). Arriving at this little gem I was completely unaware of its filming history until later on in the day when I returned and looked it up after being overcome with familiarity and only had a hunch that at least some scenes from The Last Song were filmed here. After a little researching I found out that almost the entire film was shot here, excluding a few scenes filmed at Wormsloe Plantation. Although it is highly popular with tourists and locals alike, even in high season it doesn’t feel too overcrowded as just a short stroll in either direction along the beach will lead you to your own secluded area, where wooden swings along the sand are waiting for you to sit and reflect on all of those dramatic times in your life, appearing in a flashback sequence that is only fit for those emotional romantic movies.

Tybee Island is one of those places where you have to see it to believe it because the images on the internet could not possibly be real, and yet with that first glance onto the beach it is clear that this place is truly as beautiful as any picture online depicts it as. It is easy to get lost in your thoughts of Liam Hemsworth running towards you in slow motion as you work your way along the sand with feet getting swallowed up by the ocean as the waves roll in and out. This little island has the ability to transport you into your most loveliest of daydreams.

Though if you are determined on seeing the actual sites used in the film they are not hard to find. One of the first sites to see is the cafe that was frequented by the main characters, that is located down on the main street, though has had some touch ups since the film so may be hard to recognise at first. The pier, used several times throughout the movie, stands imposing at the end of the main street and offers one amazing hamburger that for some reason just tastes better by the sea.

Further along down the beach you might even be able to stumble upon the house used in the movie, though it may look a little different as they added a few things to the structure for filming. The stretch of beach outside of the house is also the set of those romantic scenes where Liam and Miley are frolicking in the waves.

If you are up for the walk, or if you have a car, a trip to the lighthouse is also a worthy stop. At the edge of the island the lighthouse stands back from the ocean, with a museum at its base and a fort to its side, this impressive building was also used in one or two scenes. The church is also accessible, though is located a bit further back from the beachy shore.


Georgia is without a doubt one of the most beautiful states of America, and Tybee Island is just the cherry on top of this already near perfect area. With a setting fit for even the most romantic movies, it is not hard to fall in love here, with a person, or just with the beach, I know I did. With that first step onto the sand, and the gentle swaying on one of the beach swings, it is hard not to feel happiness, this place would be able to bring out the romantic side in anyone, it is no surprise that Nicholas Sparks was inspired to write about this location, it is absolutely beautiful!


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