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The Happiest of New Years

This past New Years Eve I wanted to do something amazing, and seeing as I’m currently in the United States, I thought “What better way to celebrate the New Year than at the happiest place on earth…DISNEYLAND!”

Although this wasn’t my first time visiting the world of Disney, and certainly won’t be the last, Disneyland truly lived up to all of its magical expectations, from the wafting smells of popcorn and sugary sweets to the classic Disney soundtracks whispering throughout the park.

Zipping through the parks with a bluebird on my shoulder brings out the inner child in not only myself, but also everyone there. It is absolutely amazing to see fully-grown men wearing mouse ears and Disney shirts!

I always turn into a little kid whenever I enter the gates and skip across the bridge into Fantasyland, my favourite land, and the home of the best rides in the park, in my opinion that is. It’s always such a great adventure travelling through the stories of Walt Disney through the rides of Snow White, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, and even Alice in Wonderland.

For a Disney fanatic like myself, the long ride wait times are definitely durable, especially for Peter Pans Flight, one of my personal favourite rides! However, I will admit that New Years Eve lines are crazy long, so make sure you’re prepared to wait at least a couple of hours for the most popular rides, including Hyperspace Mountain and Indiana Jones, or another option is to try and get a fast pass to skip the lines.

Of course a Disneyland visit ins’t complete without a trip into the California Adventure Park. With fewer crowds and rides it is easy to go through the entire park in hardly any time at all, though if you’re wanting to ride the new Radiator Springs Racers expect to wait, even with a fast pass.

Also, if you’re game enough make sure to try out the swinging carriages on the Mickey Ferris Wheel. It may not look that thrilling from the ground, but it sure gets your heart pumping once aboard!

If at California Adventure at the right time you’ll be able to witness the magical World of Colour show, an amazing light display presented on water fountains in front of Paradise Pier. This is something I think is not to be missed!

While some may question my fascination with revisiting Disneyland over and over again, I know that I will never tire of it because, as in the wise words of Walt Disney himself, “Whenever I go to Disneyland I always have a different experience, new rides have been opened or holiday decorations have been showcased, creating, if possible, an even more fairy-tale like adventure. It’s jolly atmosphere and the excitement that comes from seeing that first view of the castle down Main Street will always be one of my favourite moments of any trip to the United States. I can’t wait to be back in the happiest place on earth again soon!

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