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The Must-See Beaches in the World

When you think of a luxurious vacation most people’s minds instantly wander to spa retreats, secluded destinations, and of course beaches. Spending all day laying on the sand, soaking up the suns’ rays, without worrying about all the important things and only having insignificant thoughts fluttering through your mind, like what drink to order withe dinner tonight, when is the perfect time to flip, or can I actually be bothered to get up from my beach lounge to go into that crystal clear water? Although there is always that excitement and anticipation to explore a new place, sometimes a beach holiday is just what the doctor ordered, and what better way to indulge than at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world?

1. Railay Beach, Thailand


This haven, only accessible by boat, is surrounded by the constantly warm waters of the Andaman Sea, a lush jungle, and intricate rocks, that come together to form what has been said to be Thailand’s most picturesque beach, a big statement to make.

2. Maho Beach, St. John, US Virgin Islands


White sands, coconut palms, turtles, simmering water, Maho Beach certainly lives up to its expectations. Snorkelling is a must here, with shallow waters it is not hard to find yourself encompassed by rays gliding through the sea grass, schools of fish tickling your toes, or turtles sneaking up on you when you least expect it.

3. Whitehaven Beach, Australia


Being Australian, I couldn’t not include what is possibly the most beautiful beach in the entire country (which is a big call to make, Australia is literally surrounded by breathtaking beaches. I’m not bias or anything…). This pristine beach is so special and unique that everyone should just jump on a flight right now and come and see it.

4. The Baths, British Virgin Islands


This is definitely one of the most interesting beaches in the world. Covered in gigantic boulders, the landscape of the Baths is truly captivating. There are plenty of little hidden coves formed from these sculptures that make for some remarkable photos, so make sure to bring your underwater cameras!

5. Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos


The whitest sand and the clearest water, you can not go wrong with this gorgeous beach. Sink your feet into the sand and let the waves wash over your toes and you’ll surely think that you have died and gone to heaven.

6. Kaputas Beach, Turkey

Driving towards Kaputas Beach, it’s a blink and you’ll miss it kind of cove hidden down below the highway. Though during the high season cars will line the side of the road so you’ll know when to stop. Just on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea you are guaranteed azure waters with soft sand leading to it.

7. One-Foot Island Beach, Cook Islands


If intimacy and seclusion is more your thing, than look no further than One Foot Island Beach on the Cook Islands. With no permanent residents on the island, you can easily spend the day undisturbed, just make sure to be ready at sundown for that final boat back.

8. Cabo San Juan de la Guia Beach, Colombia


This tropical paradise on the Caribbean coast has been regarded as one of South America’s prettiest beaches. Relax in a hammock and enjoy 360-degree views of the sea.

9. Aharen Beach, Tokashiki Island, Japan


Everything runs on island time in this part of Japan, so kick back, relax and enjoy the fresh air. Laziness is key here, so come with no other intentions but to swim, sleep, and tan.

10. Perhentian Besar, Malaysia


The more nature and resort orientated out of the two Perhentian Islands, Perhentian Besar is dotted with luxury bungalows and clean secluded stretches of beach. This is one of the quieter areas of Malaysia, so perfect for a much needed getaway.

11. Playa Paraiso, Cuba


With extremely shallow water, Playa Paraiso is perfect for those long sunset walks along the beach, that we all know every romantic person enjoys. Being amongst the Caribbean Sea…

12. Lanikai Beach, Oahu, Hawaii


Lanikai literally translates into ‘heavenly ocean’, so what other reason do you need to visit this stunning place! The many islands of Hawaii are full of outstandingly beautiful stretches of beach, but Lanikai Beach on Oahu takes the cake.

13. Sanur Beach, Bali


Charming and eclectic, Sanur Beach is a relaxed haven with that typical Balinese ambiance. This part of Bali is wealthy in culture, history, and beauty, so you’ll have an abundance of options if you ever tire of the crystal like waters.

14. Half Moon Bay, Jamaica


A serene escape from everyday life, this is exactly what you would picture Jamaica to be like. Hammocks along the beach, silky white sand, and some of the bluest water you may ever see, Half Moon Bay could truly be paradise.

15. Playa Uvita, Costa Rica


With comfortable temperatures all year round, this is the ideal location to head to when you need to get away from those dreary winter days. Though the most popular time to visit is from December to April when humpback whale sightings are often frequent.

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