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Walking amongst the giants of Northern California

When people first think of California, their minds instantly go to beaches, palm trees, and sunshine, though up in Northern Cal, past San Francisco and the Napa Valley, lies a wooded utopia hidden amongst the towers and torrents of the Redwood forests. While, Northern California is graced with the typical West Coast rugged coastline, its numerous state and national parks are the real treasure to be discovered. With 49 Redwood State Parks in California alone, and almost all of them situated north of the Bay, it is hard to drive more than 2 miles without coming across another park.

With the Redwood trees being some of the tallest and most colossal trees left on earth, it is truly an incomprehensible experience standing below them. With endless amounts of outstandingly beautiful hiking trails it is easy to lose track of time and reality as you step deeper into the forest and away from civilisation. From the more open aired area of Ladybird Johnson Grove to Boy Scout Tree Trail, what is arguable the most scenic of the trails, you are bound to feel like you have been transported into another dimension where unicorns foam freely and fairies flutter from tree to tree.

Bouncing down the Avenue of the Giants, gazing up you can realise how far from reality you have ventured and gone into what could only be considered an untamed fairy tale heaven. Encased by gigantic trees that would put Jacks’ beanstalk to shame, the Northern California Redwood Forests are the perfect hideaway for anyone wanting a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Being surrounded by endless green, and the clean, clear air provided by the countless trees, it is a welcomed escape and a fresh relief from the outside world, where skyscrapers are the norm and the air is filled with fumes. While it may sound corny and stereotypical, the peaceful serenity that comes from being amongst nature puts you in a trance like no other, where it’s possible to acknowledge your own breathing and hear the sound of your own thoughts.

If you’re after a retreat from your daily lives, and a place to switch off from the world for a couple of days, the magical Redwood forests of Northern California are definitely well worth a visit. With endless gorgeous views to take in, it is the perfect destination to find your very own tranquility.

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