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Walking in a Winter Wonderland

All of my dreams came true on my first day back in New York when a light snow started to fall as I was wandering the streets. Being one of those ‘strange’ people that actually prefer winter and the cold to the summer heat, I have always wanted to experience snow, not in a ski resort kind of way, but real life falling snow. So when I felt the first few of Jack Frosts’ snowflakes on my nose I did not waste another minute and hurried across town to the Park where I came across the most beautiful sight I had ever seen, a snow covered Central Park. Seeing this has always been at the top of my bucket list ever since I was a little girl, and it was even more magical than what I could have ever imagined. As I have only been in the snow once before, and mostly fake snow at that, to be in New York and to have snow fall around me, was definitely one thing that I will never forget.

Having missed the massive blizzard that hit the East Coast only a week and a half before I was travelling there, I thought that I had lost my chance of seeing snow. Then I thought my luck had gotten worse when two days before I was meant to arrive, the little tiny balls of white started to fall again in New York. Though it seemed destiny was finally with me when on our first day in the city we were graced by snows presence. However, by some weird twist of fate I had stupidly decided to leave my camera back at the hotel that day. Deciding that our phones would be enough to get us through the snowy afternoon, we venture to Central Park, and arrived to more bad luck… It was too cold for our phones to handle and both my sisters and my own turned off. Torn between wanting to just experience this moment and rushing to get my camera to actually capture the moment, we eventually made the choice to hurry to retrieve my camera, as we didn’t know when we’d have another opportunity to see and document this magic.

Central Park, no matter what season I have visited it in, has always been beautiful, though I never thought that it was possible for it to turn into this incredible, almost unbelievable, winter wonderland, that was like stepping out of the wardrobe and into Narnia. Entering into a place that was so astonishing beautiful, it literally took my breath away, putting me into a dreamlike state and allowed me to fulfil all of my winter fantasies of making snow angels and throwing a snowball.

While I hope that this will not be my last time visiting Central Park in the snow, I am so glad that this visit was so completely magical. The amount of joy that everyone in the Park was experiencing really was intoxicating and it was impossible for anyone to wipe the smiles off their faces. Even with all the drama that occurred, it was definitely a one of a kind moment.

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