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Walking through a Field of Light

Awakening at sunset at the base of Uluru, a simmer off in the distance grows more and more distinct as a rainbow of colours illuminates the horizon with Bruce Munro’s Field of Light. As the sky darkens with each passing moment, 50,000 lights flicker on and come alive as dusk settles and the meadow begins to sparkle a million different colours. Above you another universe emerges full of an infinite amount of stars and for the especially lucky, the milky way will make an appearance as it dances through the night. I couldn’t even begin to truly describe the mesmerising affect that Field of Light has upon you, but to be encompassed by an ever present maze of colour, that allows you to open your senses and to really appreciate the sheer beauty of the nature in the Northern Territory, is nothing more than a once in a lifetime experience.

Bruce Munro has created something magical in an already incredible place and being able to walk amongst the thousands of lights gives you such a unique perspective on the way light and movement is experienced in the outback of Australia. Viewing the glowing orbs up this close gives you the illusion that you are gliding through space amongst the stars and winding your way along the milky way without ever having to take your feet off the ground.

The peacefulness that softens over the field as you make your way through the winding paths is one of pure amazement. As the visitor’s excitement settles a wondrous atmosphere begins to build as you venture further and further in to the display. With the anticipation growing stronger as you make your way to the back of the field, the otherwise silent night is disrupted by the ohs and ahs that whisper through the air when you finally reach the elevated section that gives you the best view of the field. As far as the eye can see is an explosion of colour that shimmers and sways in the wind making the sky dance.

Though seeing the field in all of its entirety from the back is an amazing sight, the highlight for me was viewing the luminescence orbs up close with their glowing veins trailed along the ground. These streaks of light really make the exhibition special, they are all unique and different, and although they are technically only the cords that power the lights, Bruce Munro has somehow managed to make them the most interesting and thought-provoking part of the display.

To have created an exhibition that produces such a powerful effect on its viewers is a magical thing, and being able to not only observe it from afar but to actually get amongst it is something that you will not come across often, making it an even more exclusive attraction that anyone would feel privileged to experience. I know that I am personally grateful to have gotten the chance to see this work of art in person, because you truly can’t appreciate all of Field of Lights glory unless viewing it with your own eyes.

The Northern Territory, and the Uluru region especially, is already such a spectacular place, but now that Bruce Munro has brought to life his Field of Light in a wondrous display of colour, the Northern Territory has been transformed into its own incredible world full of natural and man-made wonders that will surely make you believe in magic. The Field of Light really is a one of a kind display that I can only describe as a world of pure imagination.

Crystallite Sea attended Field of Light as a guest of the Ayers Rock Resort. Thank you to them for gifting me this incredible experience. 

Field of Light has been renewed for another season so make sure to stop by to view it before March 2018.

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